Beginner’s Guide to Real Food & Natural Living

This is a nicely summarized starting point for making healthier food and life choices. Check it out!

Lazy Hippie Mama


A few weeks ago I spent some time talking with a dear friend who said, “my sister tells me I will feel better and have more energy if I switch from conventional food but I don’t even know what that means. I don’t want to eat NOTHING but vegetables and water for the rest of my life. Then she tells me I should stop using deodorant. What is THAT all about?!”

GMOs & biotech, Glyphosate, neonicotinoids, Bt, aspartame, parabens, Dimethyl-polysiloxane, and rbGH are just the beginning of the “natural vs. conventional” discussion. To really be fluent in the language you need to know the difference between “organic” and “natural.”  What is “raw?” Which foods are considered “processed?”  Is “whole wheat” and “whole grain” the same thing? What do the labels on meat mean? Aren’t they the same as the labels on other items? Why does some produce have a 5 digit code?…

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